Activities & Courses Currently Offered

Our weekly timetable is subject to change each half term. A brief outline of what we offer is shown below:

Tiny Signers - Book on course. £2 per week.

For children aged from 6 months to 2 years. Develop non-verbal communication through signed songs & stories and puppets. This in turn will help your child learn key signs to support early communication skills and self-confidence.


Sam's Songs & Stories - Drop in. £2 per week.

Come and spend some time investigating communication with fun creative activities that are specially designed to help your child's speech, language and understanding. There will be a range of books to explore and lots of interesting activities with rhymes, songs and musical instruments. Children aged from birth to 4 years are welcome.


Stay & Play- Drop in.  £2 per week.

Come along and join in with your child learning through play which is the most effective way for young children to learn and develop. We offer a range of activities both indoors and out for all parents/carers with children aged 0 - 4 years. Our practitioners are able to explain how and what young children learn through play whilst also providing lots of useful tips on how to support and encourage your child's learning and understanding at home. Children aged from birth to 4 years are welcome.


Tuneful Tots - Drop in.  £2 per week.

Come and join this fun course to get creative by enjoying music with singing, musical instruments and dancing. Music and movement develops children's physical control and their sense of spatial awareness. Research shows that speech and music have a number of shared processing systems and musical experiences can improve language development.  Children aged from birth to 4 years are welcome.


Baby Massage - Book on 6 week course.  £2 per week.

This course demonstrates how gentle massage strokes and techniques will increase baby's sense of security, improve circulation, and strengthen the immune system and their feeling of well-being. Massage can enhance parent/carer and baby communiction and also ease sleep problems, colic, constipation, digestion, circulation and so much more...PLACES MUST BE PRE-BOOKED AT RECEPTION.


Baby Yoga - Book on 6 week course.  £2 per week.

Through yoga poses children can develop their gross and fine motor skills. Yoga helps to improve sleeping patterns both in duration and frequency, as well as encouraging sleeping through the night. Yoga poses and stretches for infants help digestion, constipation, and relieve gas and colic. Yoga promotes bonding between parents and babies. PLACES MUST BE PRE-BOOKED AT RECEPTION.



More to follow...



Dads’ group Monthly Saturday mornings from 10.00 to 12.00 drop in

A wide variety of experiences and fun for all male carers and their children.

Click HERE for 2015 dates.


Lending Library
We have a new lending library in the Community Room. Please borrow books to enjoy at home. Sharing books with babies and toddlers is a wonderful way to help children to understand the world around them. The first five years of life are crucial in terms of language development and research shows that babies and toddlers who enjoy books have developed skills that will ultimately support their emergent reading and writing skills.

Holiday activities

During the school holidays we offer a variety of days out and centre based activities for families to enjoy together. Refer to the timetable in the Centre or on the website for each holiday period.

Job Centre Plus
Do you need help finding work? Accessing training? Writing a CV? Make an appointment with the JobCentre Plus advisor by calling us on 01274 584368. A private room will be provided for appointments at Hirst Wood.

Safety equipment
During birth visits we can provide a range of home safety equipment such as plug and corner covers and thermometers.

Fluoride Varnish Programme
For all children aged 2 years and above, whose parents have given permission. The process involves painting a varnish containing high levels of fluoride onto the surface of the tooth every six months to prevent decay. This works by strengthening tooth enamel, hopefully making it more resistant to decay. The school/centre will contact all parents of eligible children.