List of Governors & Type of Governors

Ruth Trattles                                    Chair of Governors

                                                          Named Governor for Child Protection and Looked After Children

                                 Headteacher Performance Management Committee,

Matthew Cooper

Bev George                                      Named Governor for Health & Safety (including Digital Standards)

                                 Headteacher Performance Management Committee                                                   


Local Authority Governors               

Andrea Nicholls                                Vice Chair of Governors

                                 Named Governor for well-being

                                 Headteacher Performance Management Committee  


Parent Governors                 

Ruth Phillips   

Michelle Litvinov                 Named Governor for Special Educational Needs & Disabilities


Staff Governors

Jayne Taylor                                      Headteacher & SENDCo

Ruth Ball                                            Teacher

Caroline Clough                                Associated staff governor


Clerk to Governors                           Wendi Thompson




The Governing Body is a keen, enthusiastic and very supportive group of  people who take their statutory responsibilities for the school very  seriously.  Through their regular visits to nursery, they are very familiar with the life  of the school and its philosophy. They share the whole school vision for  development and work hard to ensure continuous improvement.  We provide high quality, inclusive early years education, additionally resourced for children with special educational needs. We value creativity, individuality, responsibility, challenge and a sense of community.