Meet the Staff

Sally Stoker                        Executive Headteacher

Jayne Taylor                       Head of School

Fiona Cressey                     Executive School Business Manager

Jenny Buckland                 Teacher, Nursery 1

Jan Vekaria                         Teacher, Nursery 2

Ian Tothill                            Teacher 0.5, Nursery 3

Richelle Berdeni                 Nursery Nurse, Nursery 3

Jackie Grant                        Nursery Nurse, Nursery 2

Caroline Clough                  Administration Assistant

Bev Jennings                      Early Years Practitioner/Sunshine Club Coordinator

Kath Zuchlinski                   Early Years Practitioner, Nursery 1 /Sunshine Club

Sam Rayner                         Early Years Practitioner/Senior Lunchtime Supervisor

Karen Dutton                       Lunchtime Supervisor SEN/Admin cover/Sunshine Club

Rowan Lee                           Sunshine Club/Lunchtime Supervisor

Rehana Nazir                       Lunchtime Supervisor

Larissa Kishmaria               Lunchtime Supervisor

Natasha Young                    Lunchtime Supervisor

Pam Riley                             Cook

Lisa Ross                             Kitchen Assistant