We need your help !!

1st September 2017

Dear Parents and Carers

We are working to create a print rich learning environment.   Could we ask that you help us by allowing your child to bring examples of environmental print into the Nursery?   Environmental print consists of labels, signs and logos that are easily recognisable.    These items can be found in your home and as such are at no cost and are probably items that you would normally throw away.  Examples could include labels from tins of food, biscuit wrappers, cereal boxes, packing materials, bags and cartons etc.  We will use these items to create a display that will help us to bridge the gap between children’s' understanding of functional print and the early stages of reading.  We will create a display of our reading materials for everyone to enjoy.


The items could be put into your child’s book bag and handed in at Reception.  Thank you for helping us with this exciting new display.


Jayne Taylor

Head of School