Parental Feedback Area

Past parents and children's comments on their experience of

Hirst Wood Nursery School & Children’s Centre



“We just wanted to say a huge thank you. XXX has been so happy at Nursery over the last year and had a wonderful time.  Hirst Wood has been a very special place for our family for about 10 years – we will miss you – but we all have lots of happy memories.”

“A big thank you to all of you for everything you have done.  Lots of love.”

“Thank you for all you’ve done for both our daughters.  They both have really flourished during their time at Hirst Wood Nursery School.”

“Thank you for all the amazing memories that you have created for all 4 of my children.  They all remember Nursery as the best place ever and so do I.  You are such a great team and you all should be proud of yourselves and what you to deliver to both children and parents.  Keep up the great work, you are amazing!”

“Thanks to each of you for all you have done to keep me and the children happy and safe during a really extraordinary year.  XXX will miss you all lots.”

“The hugest of thanks for your amazing teaching, support, cooking, organising and general all-round cheerfulness during what can only be described as the most challenging times.  Our memories of XXX at Nursery will, I’m sure be full of smiles and pride thanks to the care and consideration you’ve all shown her.  We really hope you get to put your feet up with a cuppa this summer!  All the very best, stay safe.”

                        WHAT PEOPLE SAY ABOUT US 2019  JULY LEAVERS

“Whatever you are doing, please keep doing it!  We are extremely pleased with our child’s report and progress.”

“Every member of staff has my true appreciation; please keep on doing what you are doing.”

“Our son has had a fantastic time at Hirst Wood Nursery School.  He has additional needs; the staff have helped and supported him throughout his time there - even referring him for additional assessments, having identified a need.  They work hard to make him feel safe and happy.  The SENCo really understands him and his needs. The additional support provided has aided his development.  It has been a joy to see his self-esteem and confidence grow during his time at the nursery.

“The outdoor space is a real asset enabling children to be active and learn through outdoor play.  Staff creatively engage with the children outside to explore and understand the natural world. “

“I’m so glad we moved our son to Hirst Wood when he was 3. The level of care he receives is second to none, and we got exactly what we hoped for – a perfect stepping stone between a smaller play nursery and school reception class. He found the transition a little hard at first being around more kids his age, but he was so well supported – as were we – and we are grateful to the staff for all their help. I couldn’t be happier that we made the move at 3, and not waiting until school age, as we feel he is now much better adjusted to what will be his new school environment.   He has made friends with other children and connections with staff that will offer continuity as he makes the big move to school. He is also still going to be able to go to Sunshine Club after school to offer further stability.”

“I am really impressed with the way he is learning words and his playing skills.  Every time he comes from school he is learning new words.  Also we are pleased with the way that he is playing with other children and it is good to hear that he is learning the stories.”


“Hirst Wood Nursery has been absolutely brilliant for our child, and I am so happy we decided to move him there from private day nursery. He settled in almost immediately, and we received so much support with this process, with his teacher and nursery nurse even visiting us at home to get to know him. He skips into nursery happily every day, and always asks if he can go to after school (Sunshine) Club, even when I don’t need him to!   The classroom staff have been wonderful; ensuring that he gets to do the things he enjoys most, whilst also encouraging him to try different activities and to develop new skills.   My husband and I have been kept very well informed of not only the weekly plans for the class, but also of his ongoing progress and areas we can support him at home. The classroom set up and the presence of qualified teachers in each class means that the children are very well prepared for the transition to primary school.   Even outside of the classroom, staff are incredibly caring and friendly; everyone seems to know the names of and a little bit about all of the children – which really gives a lovely atmosphere and a real sense of community.   I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Hirst Wood to anyone with children of pre-school age, and am really hopeful that they will soon be opening their doors to 2 year olds so that my younger son can attend even earlier!”

“Excellent Nursery with equally wonderful Headteacher and staff members.”

“Thank you for taking care of our daughter over the last year and a half.  Sad that our personal link with Hirst Wood is over … it’s been a great ride.  Thank you xx”

“No parent could ask for more, outstanding staff, incredible skill and knowledge, experience and understanding.  My little boy has been made extremely happy, proud, fulfilled and confident to move to Primary School.”

“This is a fantastic school.  I cannot praise the staff enough.”

“My child has enjoyed a fantastic year at Hirst Wood.  Thank you for the terrific teaching.”

JULY 2017

Parents’ quotations

“The best features are the staff – definitely!!   The environment, the resources, the friendliness and PUTTING THE CHILDREN ARE THE HEART OF EVERYHING.”

“My child has gained friends, confidence, lots of new songs.   She loves coming and has a sense of belonging to her class and school which she is proud to be part of.”

“Children are provided with exciting, beautiful resources which enhance their learning.”

“My child’s personality has exploded.  He has become very confident whilst at Hirst Wood.  He has gained so much through attending.”

“My child has loved every minute and I cannot fault a thing, from the Reception, Head, teachers and the way that the Nursery is run.”

“My child has gained independence, opportunities to build on what she likes, to explore new things and add to her skills.”

 “My child has gained strong friendships, engaged in a wide variety of educational activities and this has helped with transitions.”

“Best features are keeping parents informed through planning, all staff are very friendly and have a very gentle approach with children.  They take the needs of each individual child into account and provide a wide range of structured and unstructured activities.”

 “very flexible, would definitely (and already have) recommended to other parents.”

“My daughter has loved going to Nursery and Sunshine Club and interacting with the older children.  She is also more prepared to start full-time schooling in September.”

“Our daughter has grown in confidence and the extra hours have prepared her for the longer days that she will do in Reception.”

“The additional hours have made returning to work after maternity leave easier and more cost effective.”

“Very flexible and accommodating to our child’s and our family’s needs.  Would highly recommend without hesitation to other prospective parents.”

“Our child has loved his time at Hirst Wood.  He has gained so much confidence and has enjoyed a wide range of experiences.   His speech and language have developed tremendously.”

“Hirst Wood is a very welcome and friendly environment.   The outdoor area is amazing.”

“Lovely, friendly, approachable and caring staff.  Amazing classroom resources, inside and outside.  Fantastic open environment.”

“Our child has gained confidence, a fantastic group of friends, lots of opportunities to be creative through role-playing, singing and music.”

“The best features are teachers, the classrooms and all the activities, the outdoor space, the book library.   Our child has loved Nursery.”


Children’s’ quotations

“I’ve loved it here but when I get married she (his friend in school) is going to be an artist and go out to work.   I’m going to stay at home and watch TV all day.”

“That’s my special book; it’s got pictures of me in it.   Look at me using the Russian dolls, you open another then open another then open another and then there’s a baby inside.  They got smaller and smaller.”

“I love the Nursery.  I used to feel scared at my other Nursery but I’ve never felt scared since I came here.  There’s so much to play with and I really like all my friends.”

“I love the picture of me doing a little book of Dear Zoo.  Then I’m matching the animals to their cages.”

“I love painting, I like drawing.   I like playing with the blocks and in the sand.  I like everything.   I like going to all the different classrooms.”

“I like the big computer and I like to play with the babies.  I like the dressing-up clothes.”

“We have lots of toys.  I like the babies and the blankets and the dogs.  I like the nice teachers.   I like the blue dressing up shoes and I really like the reading corner.”

“My favourite thing is the home corner.  I like telephones and I like stories, my favourite one is Goldilocks and the three bears.”

“I like the water … to make it better you could put Christmas lights up.”