Parental Feedback Area

Past parents and children's comments on their experience of

Hirst Wood Nursery School & Children’s Centre

JULY 2017

Parents’ quotations

“The best features are the staff – definitely!!   The environment, the resources, the friendliness and PUTTING THE CHILDREN ARE THE HEART OF EVERYHING.”

“My child has gained friends, confidence, lots of new songs.   She loves coming and has a sense of belonging to her class and school which she is proud to be part of.”

“Children are provided with exciting, beautiful resources which enhance their learning.”

“My child’s personality has exploded.  He has become very confident whilst at Hirst Wood.  He has gained so much through attending.”

“My child has loved every minute and I cannot fault a thing, from the Reception, Head, teachers and the way that the Nursery is run.”

“My child has gained independence, opportunities to build on what she likes, to explore new things and add to her skills.”

 “My child has gained strong friendships, engaged in a wide variety of educational activities and this has helped with transitions.”

“Best features are keeping parents informed through planning, all staff are very friendly and have a very gentle approach with children.  They take the needs of each individual child into account and provide a wide range of structured and unstructured activities.”

 “very flexible, would definitely (and already have) recommended to other parents.”

“My daughter has loved going to Nursery and Sunshine Club and interacting with the older children.  She is also more prepared to start full-time schooling in September.”

“Our daughter has grown in confidence and the extra hours have prepared her for the longer days that she will do in Reception.”

“The additional hours have made returning to work after maternity leave easier and more cost effective.”

“Very flexible and accommodating to our child’s and our family’s needs.  Would highly recommend without hesitation to other prospective parents.”

“Our child has loved his time at Hirst Wood.  He has gained so much confidence and has enjoyed a wide range of experiences.   His speech and language have developed tremendously.”

“Hirst Wood is a very welcome and friendly environment.   The outdoor area is amazing.”

“Lovely, friendly, approachable and caring staff.  Amazing classroom resources, inside and outside.  Fantastic open environment.”

“Our child has gained confidence, a fantastic group of friends, lots of opportunities to be creative through role-playing, singing and music.”

“The best features are teachers, the classrooms and all the activities, the outdoor space, the book library.   Our child has loved Nursery.”


Children’s’ quotations

“I’ve loved it here but when I get married she (his friend in school) is going to be an artist and go out to work.   I’m going to stay at home and watch TV all day.”

“That’s my special book; it’s got pictures of me in it.   Look at me using the Russian dolls, you open another then open another then open another and then there’s a baby inside.  They got smaller and smaller.”

“I love the Nursery.  I used to feel scared at my other Nursery but I’ve never felt scared since I came here.  There’s so much to play with and I really like all my friends.”

“I love the picture of me doing a little book of Dear Zoo.  Then I’m matching the animals to their cages.”

“I love painting, I like drawing.   I like playing with the blocks and in the sand.  I like everything.   I like going to all the different classrooms.”

“I like the big computer and I like to play with the babies.  I like the dressing-up clothes.”

“We have lots of toys.  I like the babies and the blankets and the dogs.  I like the nice teachers.   I like the blue dressing up shoes and I really like the reading corner.”

“My favourite thing is the home corner.  I like telephones and I like stories, my favourite one is Goldilocks and the three bears.”

“I like the water … to make it better you could put Christmas lights up.”

JULY 2016

“Brilliant teaching and support to parents “ 

“She has learnt so much more than letters and numbers by being around people who really care about the whole child”

“Thank you so much for making our child’s experience of Nursery so enjoyable”

“Hirst Wood is a wonderful Nursery” 

“……. settled in Nursery so quickly and have so many fabulous experiences that he will take forward to ‘big’ school”

“The best possible Nursery experience. She absolutely loved her time at Hirst Wood.”

“There is something very special about Hirst Wood and we feel very lucky to have been part of it”

 “The outdoor area is great and the classrooms so light and airy. We couldn’t recommend you highly enough”

“The folder (Record of Achievement) we have been given is lovely, great to see what she gets up to there.”

“The staff have all worked with us every step of the way “

“He has grown in confidence, made good friendships and learnt so much”

“Thank you for all of your hard work you have put into helping the children develop and learn”

“…… has really benefited from the fantastic outdoor space, variety of activities available and caring environment”

“The settling in period worked really well and staff were very supportive when she was a little upset when I left and always let me know when she was happy and settled”

“Children feel safe and comfortable in Nursery”

“They have all left Nursery happy, confident and ready for school”

“It makes a great difference to a child’s confidence knowing there are friendly staff around”

“He has continued to thrive in the setting and make lots of friends”

“Any worries we have ever had have been discussed and dealt with, and staff have always been supportive and eager to help”

"Thank you for helping ….. to grow into a healthy, happy, confident child and for making his first experiences away from us so positive”

“He has developed as an independent little boy who loves to learn, Hirstwood embody independent and fun learning and have given … a wonderful start in his education”

“Allows freedom of choice for the little learners, the classroom is relaxed and children are allowed and encouraged to choose how and what they want to play/learn. It does however not go unnoticed how much planning goes into the classroom activities and learning journeys”