Settling in guidance

Children flourish in an environment where they feel safe, secure and valued.    Some children settle into nursery very quickly – others can take a little longer.   Each child will be treated individually; their emotional maturity and any past experiences will be taken into consideration during this very important time.  We always ask you or someone from home to stay with them for the first few sessions.  This can be any person that the child is comfortable with.   Whilst we provide parents & carers with settling in guidelines, these are just guidelines and can vary between children and their response to a change.    The class teams will liaise with parents every day about how children have responded during this period and about any adjustments to the settling in if required.  

We recognise that this is enhanced by positive transitions from home to school and we are committed to supporting children and families, paying due regard to children’s social and emotional needs.    We believe that children genuinely benefit from mixing with children from a wide variety of backgrounds and culture, differing ages and gender and we try to balances our classes in this way.