Transition to primary school

When the time comes for your child to move to another setting we will work with you and other professionals involved ensuring a smooth transition to the next stage.   We will pass on a summary of your child’s achievements in our School.  You will also be able to take home their Record of Achievement as a lifelong memento from their time with us.   

Choosing a primary school

We are happy to support you with Primary School applications.  Moving from nursery onto a primary school is a big step for children and we hope to make this as positive as possible by working closely with their new schools.   Children can start primary school in the September after their 4th birthday.   Parents must apply for a primary school place by the middle of January, for the following September.    Parents will find out in the middle of April which school their child has been offered.   All applications are made to Bradford Council, not to individual schools.   More information about how to apply for primary school, and the deadline for applications, can be found on the Bradford Council website.

You should collect as much information as possible about the schools in your area, especially their admission procedures.   You can do this by looking at:

 We would recommend that you take the time to visit the range of primary schools in your area during the school day to see for yourself the range of facilities and experiences on offer.  It is also an opportunity to finding out what before and after school care facilities there are should this be required.     The school websites should hold copies of their prospectus for information about what each school can offer.  The Ofsted website also holds the latest report for your preferred schools.

If you are applying for a voluntary-aided or voluntary-controlled church school additional information may be required, please check with the school.

For children with special educational needs you can contact the Choice Adviser, based at Barnardo’s Bradford Parent Partnership, for independent advice.