Colleagues - meet the wonderful team


Jayne Taylor                                                   Headteacher & SENDCo                                  

Samantha Renwick                                        Assistant Headteacher                                   


Ruth Ball                                                           Teacher (Monday to Thursday)

Tina Alston                                                     Teacher (Friday)                                                         

Ruth Peacock                                                 Early Years Practitioner                     

Angie Nash                                                     Early Years Practitioner                      & Sunshine Club

Sarah Taylor                                                   Early Years Practitioner                      & Sunshine Club

Claire Hinchliffe                                             Early Years Practitioner                      & Sunshine Club

Liam Glen                                                        Teaching Assistant                              & Sunshine Club

Sarah Richardson                                           Teaching Assistant



Rebecca Simpson                                           Teacher                      

Vanessa Keighley                                           Early Years Practitioner

Trudy Buckroyd                                             Early Years Practitioner


Woodlands                                                     Enhanced Specialist Provision    

Rosy Vincenzi                                                 Teacher for SEND

Kath Zuchlinski                                              Specialist Early Years Practitioner      & Sunshine Club

Melanie Mathers                                           Specialist Early Years Practitioner

Amy Whittingham                                         Specialist Early Years Practitioner

Grace Fortuna                                                Specialist Early Years Practitioner

Karen Dutton                                                 Teaching Assistant                              & Sunshine Club

Jayne Bennett                                                Teaching Assistant

Anam Arzu                                                      Teaching Assistant                              & Sunshine Club


Caroline Clough                                               Administration Assistant                     



Alessandra Oddy                                            Cook

Danielle Beetham                                           Kitchen assistant

Amanda Hardaker                                          Lunchtime Supervisor



Geoff Ball                                                       Repairs & Maintenance Manager